Tailor Swift And Drake Gym Video Concepts True Or False?

Taylor Swift And Drake

After the Apple Music ad video “Taylor vs. Treadmill,” starring Taylor Swift went instantly viral, the sequel “Drake vs. bench press” starring Drake was publish.

Although 2 different artiste and 2 different exercises are used in the videos, the 2 videos have the same concept which is listening to good sounding music while exercising at the gym can can give you a boost to workout but also distract you and cause you to harm yourself.

Well the fitness industry seems to agree that music has positive effects on exercisers during a workout session including pushing ourselves further and faster, and can also help us use our energy more efficiently (and research also backs this up).

But some experts claim that listening to music can cause persons to exercise too fast and poorly, instead of doing everything correctly, and keeping excellent form.

Apple Music – Taylor vs. Treadmill

Apple Music – Drake vs. Bench Press