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Rick Ross On How CrossFit Benefitted Him

Rapper Rick Ross has been a user of CrossFit, and he says that the training along with an improved diet have benefitted him in several ways.

CrossFit is a popular exercise program that is characterised by high-intensity, exercise variety and functional movement. It may not be for everyone, but CrossFit has a number of benefits and is certainly a great way to stay fit.

Tailor Swift And Drake Gym Video Concepts True Or False?

Taylor Swift And Drake

After the Apple Music ad video “Taylor vs. Treadmill,” starring Taylor Swift went instantly viral, the sequel “Drake vs. bench press” starring Drake was publish.

Although 2 different artiste and 2 different exercises are used in the videos, the 2 videos have the same concept which is listening to good sounding music while exercising at the gym can can give you a boost to workout but also distract you and cause you to harm yourself.

Well the fitness industry seems to agree that music has positive effects on exercisers during a workout session including pushing ourselves further and faster, and can also help us use our energy more efficiently (and research also backs this up).

But some experts claim that listening to music can cause persons to exercise too fast and poorly, instead of doing everything correctly, and keeping excellent form.

Apple Music – Taylor vs. Treadmill

Apple Music – Drake vs. Bench Press

Simon Cowell Success Story

Simon Cowell image 2

Simon Cowell, British by nationality, is a multi-talented person, an entrepreneur, a known television producer, an artist and repertoire executive of high caliber. Besides, he is the owner of melody publishing and production house named as Syco. His personality is so dynamic and varied that he is listed among the world’s 50 most influential figures in year 2010. His professional career shows a mixed blend of alpine peak and bankruptcy.

While in contrast to his present status, in tender age, he was dropped out of the school and had few futile jobs in his preliminary career. His father, who was already an executive at recording Music Publishing Company, gave him a chance to get a job in the mail room, while later his father again made effort to get him a job as an assistant to an A & R executive. That was the time from where Simon Cowell began to flourish.

Simon Cowell image 1

While on the same job, he paved his way to be record producer which was not long term as he left the very company to set up is own label named as Fanfare in partnership with Iain Burton. In 1980s, Cowell left EMI in order to form his own music company E & S. The company prospered and enjoyed success, the business went in progress in a brand approach, while in 1989, Fanfare’s mother company collapsed, put company into force towards bankruptcy, resulting Cowell to be in the pitches of debt just in five initial years and as a last resort Cowell was forced to move back to home with his parents.

Risk and return are always parallel to each other in business and luck goes along with it. After bankruptcy, luck came his way again as he was hired as A & R consultant for BMG. It was the start of a long loop of successes that are worth remembering. Signing acts such as Westlife, 5ive, I1 Divo and Curiosity Killed the Cat, Cowell paved his standing as one of the foremost spotters.

Simon Cowell, proved to be a legend throughout the entertainment industry after the immense success of American Idol. He would go on to create other such successful television shows as The X Factor, America’s Got Talent, American Inventor, and Celebrity Duets, while continuing to work as a top executive for Sony/BMG. In his success stories, ‘Pop Idol’ became compulsive viewing, attracting over 11 million viewers. The first ever winner, Will Young, picked up 4.6 million votes in a live final. Despite Simon favouring the runner-up, Gareth Gates, Will Young’s debut release ‘Evergreen’/’Anything Is Possible’, broke the record for the biggest selling debut single ever – reaching 1.8 million sales. Thanks to Simon cropping up in the ‘production’ credits of most of his artists’ records, he has ingeniously managed to secure himself a share of the royalties.

Simon Cowell

In spite of his successes, Simon has also turned down many bands that went on to find success elsewhere. These bands include ‘The Spice Girls’ and ‘Take That’, simply because he thought Gary Barlow was too fat to be a star. Simon has now become a celebrity in his own right, serving as a judge on both the UK and US version of the ‘Pop Idol’ show. His straight-talking style has earned him various nicknames, including Mr Nasty and Judge Dread.

The year 2006, shows two record breaking deals signed by Cowell. In United States, he agreed to remain the judge on American Idol, earning £20 million per series. He also has a deal with Fox which allows his production company to broadcast Got Talent and American Inventor on other networks. Life appears to very sweet indeed for Simon Cowell. The Sunday Times Rich List estimated that he earned £33.5m in one year alone in 2006, thanks to the global success of the ‘Pop Idol’ brand.

Cowell signed the winner of the third ‘X-Factor’, Leona Lewis, to his music label SyCo and she has since had a host of number one singles and albums across the orb. He has since starred as a judge on the talent show in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

What Is Will Smith’s Net Worth?

Will Smith Net Worth Image 3

Will Smith is estimated to be worth $250 million as published by multiple sources online. Smith returned to the Forbes list in 2011 because of the film Men in Black III where he reprized his role as Agent J. Smith. He had dropped off of the list in 2010 as he required time off and away to cultivate the aspiring careers of his young children Willow and Jaden. Jaden starred in the remake of the film The Karate Kid which Will Smith produced and the film went on to make an amazing $360m.

Will Smith was given birth to on September 25th, 1968. He’s experienced achievements in film, music and television. Durind April 2007, Newsweek referred to him the best and most powerful actor within Hollywood.

He has been chosen for two Academy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, and has now received numerous Grammy Awards. Inside the late 1980s, Smith accomplished moderate popularity being a rap artist as The Fresh Prince. During 1990, his level of popularity elevated significantly when he appeared on the well-known tv series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The show happened to run for almost six years (1990–1996) on the NBC channel and it has been widely distributed persistently on numerous networks ever since then.

Will Smith Net Worth Image 1

Within the mid-1990s, Smith transferred from tv to movies, and eventually starred in a number of smash hit movies. He’s the sole actor to possess eight successive movies gross more than $100 million within the domestic box office and the only person to get eight continuous movies in which he starred open up at #1 position within the domestic box office tally. Fourteen from the nineteen fictional movies he’s acted in have accrued global gross revenue that has reached over $100 million, and four absorbed more than $500 million in world wide box office receipts.

At the start of 2011, his movies have made $5.7 billion in the worldwide box office. His most monetarily profitable movies happen to be Independence Day, Bad Boys, Bad Boys II, The Pursuit of Happiness, Men in Black, Men in Black II, I Am Legend, I, Robot, Wild Wild West, Hancock, Shark Tale, Seven Pounds and Hitch. He also received critical compliments for his great performances in Six Degrees of Separation, Ali and The Pursuit of Happiness, obtaining Best Actor Oscar nominations to the last mentioned.

Will Smith has also had an incredibly successful career within the record industry. He has had massive sales with songs such as :

Rock the House (1987)
He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper (1988)
And in This Corner… (1989)
Homebase (1991)
Code Red (1993)
Big Willie Style (1997)
Willennium (1999)
Born to Reign (2002)
Lost and Found (2005)

On August 19, 2011, it was reported that Will Smith had returned to the recording studio with the well known producer La Mar Edwards to record a brand new album. Edwards has previously worked with top artists such as Chris Brown, T.I and Game.

Flo Rida’s Diet For Fitness

Watch this video to see what Flo Rida’s diet to keep his body fit and healthy is like. Flo Rida and his fitness team discuss workout nutrition and staying fit.

Flo Rida and his trainer explain why nutrition is important for getting results and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.