Month: June 2017

How To Lose Fat Fast without Loss Of Muscle

Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle

Summer is almost upon us and people are putting the final touches on their diet and training so they can get their body ready for summer. If you are one of the persons who are unfortunately a little late, you might be looking for help with your fat loss success.

There are many people who want to lose some fat, because they think they have a little bit too much compared to what they want. But at the same time persons do not to lose any of the muscle mass they’ve struggled long and hard to to get?

Is it in any way possible to reduce body fat without losing too much muscle mass?

Maintaining muscle while losing body fat can easily be done. It will always throw a larger or smaller amount of muscle loss when you cut body fat. However, it can easily be kept at a minimal level, if one observes two important things.

First, the weight loss should happen at a slow pace.

The faster you lose weight, the greater the proportion of lost muscle mass. You should aim to only lose in the range of 1-2 lbs a month, so the loss of muscle mass is minimal. However there are exceptions to this rule. Such as when the diet you are using is designed with the right principles and strategies. An example of a fast weight loss diet that has the right design is 2 Week Diet by Brian Flat.

Second, continue to lift weight.

At the same time, it is important that you continue hard and heavy weight training. Many tend to cut down on weight training, and increase the amount of cardio when you want to lose weight. And some choose even to switch to easy weight training with high reps, in the belief that it helps to burn fat.

The most important thing when you want to reduce the body fat percentage is to proceed with the heavy training. It will give the body a reason to keep holding on to muscle mass.

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